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Find out what I am using with my patients instead of prescription drugs for ADD, ADHD, Lack of Energy, Lack of Focus, and to Feel Better. 

Hello, my name is Dr. Steven Warren, MD, PhD. I am a triple board-certified George Washington University Graduate with over 40 years of real-life medical experience. I have dedicated my life to helping people become well and take the most intelligent approach to their health and wellness. Instead of treating symptoms, I look to help my patients repair their underlying problems. 


Over 40 million prescriptions are written monthly for Adderall and its cousins. I think there is a more intelligent, natural approach that many people should try before using Adderall. This approach focuses on firing up the mitochondria and supporting your body nutritionally to work correctly. 


I am not alone in my thinking. The prominent psychiatrist Christopher M. Palmer MD, and author of the excellent book "Brain Energy" argues that all mental disorders are Metabolic Disorders of the brain. I could not agree more and believe that a nutritional cocktail I helped design and have been using with hundreds of my patients with fantastic success. 


The product I am using and helped develop is called ADHD 365 Maximum Brain Support Tablets. The ADHD does not stand for what you think it does. It stands for Active Daily Health Defense. Let me tell you, these tablets do precisely that and then some. They may be the most effective dietary supplement I have ever seen or used. 


I have helped multiple patients taper off Adderall using methylene blue tables. I have helped people with chronic fatigue by using them. I have helped many businesspeople /executives regain their focus and energy by using them. I have used them as an adjunct with my weight loss patients (those using Semaglutide, tirzepatide, intermittent fasting, etc.). I also have many people who use them as a daily energizer. 

Don't just take my word for it; here is what one of my patients, Lisa, has to say about using these tablets (and how they helped her son-in-law). 

"I am taking this to help me have more mental energy, memory recall, and focus. I take two pills first thing in the morning and one more around 1 pm. I can feel a difference when I don't take it. It helps me feel and perform better at work. You can't beat the benefits of methylene blue for the brain. Also, I wanted to mention that my son-in-law has been a long-time user of Adderall and has been taking these pills for a few months. He is simply loving the results and how they make him feel. He takes four pills a day. I am convinced you can get your kids off Adderall with this product!" 

I am genuinely amazed at how this century-old product can be utilized to improve your health and your family's health. 

I'm Steven Warren, MD, Ph.D. I Helped Develop Patent Pending ADHD-365 Maximum Strength Brain Support 

I'm a Regenerative Wellness Specialist with over 40 years of experience who has helped literally thousands of clients naturally improve their health and wellness in the most effective, safe and long lasting manner possible. I'm arguably one of the leading experts on how to bounce back from brain fog caused by Covid and I've helped many clients improve from ADHD, ADD, Depression, Anxiety, and gain optimal brain health and neurological function in safe and natural ways.

ADHD 365 Maximum Strength Brain Support bottle on side with tablets
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